About Takeout Rocket

Our Mission

Takeout Rocket was designed to provide a premium takeout ordering service to restaurants of every size, but at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Our team designed Takeout Rocket with three goals in mind:

► cost savings,

► ease of use,

► a marketing strategy to help restaurants get repeat business and attract new customers.

Based on these three goals, deep industry knowledge and business savvy Takeout Rocket was launched.

Founder and CEO, Louis Procaccini, Jr., combined his experience, contacts and skill sets to offer restaurants a much needed alternative to the high cost takeout ordering services currently available. With a home base in Fairfield County, he quickly learned from his existing and prospective clients the need for a simple low cost alternative. By providing a service for restaurants with those goals in mind, he created a win-win situation that allows restaurant owners to focus on their business while giving them peace of mind.

Most small business owners have seen their fair share of ups and downs, and by providing them options and solutions, it makes their work day a bit easier. We take the mystery out of the whole process and keep it simple. We don’t believe in hidden fees or nickel and diming business owners, which is why we have bundled our services and offer just two pricing plans. After all, nobody likes those kind of surprises!

Our History

  • MAY 2017

    Began laying the foundation by incorporating as Takeout Rocket LLC

  • October 2017

    Takeout Rocket & Takeout Rocket Blog Website Launched

  • NOVEMBER 2017

    Apps Successfully Approved for Apple iOS and Google Play Android platforms

  • 2018 - 2019

    Extensive research, testing, and piloting of our software has been endured.

Meet our awesome team.

Built on everything we learned from working within the industry, Takeout Rocket is a fresh start that goes even further to help you get back to what matters: growing your restaurant’s online ordering business.

Louis Procaccini, Jr.Founder, CEO

Mr. Procaccini has a vast background in working with restaurants and serving their technical support and creative marketing needs. He is the IT & Creative Director to an IT Consulting company, Incision Network. Louis Procaccini is highly regarded to as an expert in both the IT and Creative business community with over 20 years experience.