Advantages of Online Ordering for Restaurants

There are many advantages of online ordering for restaurants as we explain below. Of course, you have to carefully choose an online system based on a combination of factors. It is also important to make sure you are not overpaying for features that are fairly standard today.

If your restaurant is interested in improving its takeout ordering and would like Takeout Rocket to help, give us a call. We don’t charge a percentage of your profits like our competitors, but we provide great features as well as social media and in-store promotional materials to help increase your online orders.

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Increased Customer Demand for Online Ordering

It is amazing how some restaurants have been able to increase their sales by offering online ordering to their customers. An emerging trend with restaurants is the increase in takeout out orders driven by the ease of online ordering and the large millennial population.  Capitalizing on this trend is one of the advantages of online ordering for restaurants.

According to a Forbes January 23, 2017 article, “The millennial generation is the largest in U.S. history and as they reach their prime working and spending years, their impact on the economy will be significant. Millennials have come of age during a time of technological change, globalization and economic disruption. These factors have given them a distinctly different set of behaviors and experiences.” Source:

Millennials eating takeout from a restaurant in an office settingAccording to a recent survey by, the average millennial either eats out or orders take-out five times per week.  Add to that the common opinion that millennials will quickly turn to their handheld devices to meet their needs and you can see why ignoring the eating and ordering habits of millennials can have a negative impact on your restaurant business. If your online ordering software company is online “mobile friendly” you have a problem. Mobile friendly means people still have to go to remember to go to your website, click a link, open the menu and the order from there. Takeout Rocket, in addition to being mobile friendly for people who don’t want to download the app, also has an iPhone and Android app to make it much easier for people to order since the app is right there on their smart phones for them to just click and order from their favorite restaurants. That being said, using an online ordering app that charges 15% to 30% of the order will reduce your restaurant’s profit margins, so compare online ordering services and see why Takeout Rocket is the better choice.

How to Increase Sales, but also Net Profits

Dollar Sign iconThere has been a huge increase in the percentage of online ordering the past few years. Millennial’s don’t seem to be cooking much and prefer ordering takeout to dining out because of the convenience and lower cost. Restaurants can increase their sales by using online ordering, but can also significantly increase their net profits if they choose the right online ordering system. Using a software app like Takeout Rocket, which doesn’t charge 15% to 30% like its competitors, can help increase your restaurants profits. We consider ourselves the best GrubHub alternative not just because of our low monthly price, but also because we do marketing and provide in-store promotional materials to help restaurants increase their takeout orders.

Handle More Orders When Tables are Full

Small restaurants can make more money than larger restaurants if they do a large takeout business and incorporate an online ordering app that is easy to use and low cost. Just make sure your kitchen can handle increased order flow and then you will be in a great position to benefit from increased sales.

Increase Your Profit Margin with Lower Overhead

Obviously, the larger restaurant you have more you will have to pay in rent and other overhead expenses. On the other hand, smaller restaurants doing a large volume of online orders should have a higher net profit. This is one of the better advantages of online ordering for restaurants. It is easier to increase your profit margin with lower overhead if you do a good volume online takeout ordering.

Restaurants do have to be careful. Paying 15% to 30% to an online software company will have the reverse effect and lower your profit margin. A low flat rate monthly fee of just $49.99 or $29.99 is one of the great Takeout Rocket advantages of online ordering for restaurants.

Less Waiters and Waitresses Required

Do you want to grow your business, but you only have 10 tables and don’t want to move? No problem. You just need to increase your takeout business. It really is that simple. Less Overhead + More Online Orders = More Profits. You may need a larger kitchen or more kitchen staff, but you can adjust that accordingly. Having more business than you can handle is a good problem to have.

Less Line Build up at the Counter

Another one of the advantages of online ordering for restaurants is that it will reduce long wait times at your counter in two ways. First, customers can place orders online so Restaurant Food Iconfewer people will be coming into your restaurant to place their takeout order. Second, restaurants benefit from online ordering because when customers order online, they also pay for their order online by credit card. So even if the customer comes in to pick up their order rather than having it delivered, the restaurant counter is not held up having to process the customer’s credit card.

Restaurant Employees Spend Less Time Taking Phone Orders

Online ordering through Takeout Rocket’s app saves restaurants time and reduces customer frustration with having to place orders by phone. Customers also save time placing their orders because they don’t have to call the restaurant back if the line is busy or worry about being put on hold because other customers are placing their orders as well. This can be a big problem, especially during rush hours and weekends.

Restaurant employees are busy doing multiple tasks and often are not standing by the phone ready to answer on the first or second ring. Customers hate to wait seven or eight rings before someone answers the phone to take their order.  Customers also hate to call back when the line is busy and may even consider calling another restaurant or just go online and order from another restaurant that does have online ordering already set up.  So saving the restaurant and customer time is another one of the advantages of online ordering for restaurants.

Less Chance of Error with Online Restaurant Ordering

There are probably very few people that can claim they never received the wrong or incorrect order from a restaurant. Some people, I am sure, have even had several problems with restaurant takeout orders on multiple occasions. Let’s face it, restaurants are noisy and people have different accents, so it’s no wonder there are mistakes when you phone in a takeout order. While online ordering cannot guarantee customer orders will be error-free, there certainly is a strong argument that errors will be much less.

Customers Appreciate the Ease of Ordering Online

Customers prefer to place orders in the most convenient and easy way possible. Another one of the big advantages of online ordering for restaurants is that customers can choose how to place their order. For instance, Takeout Rocket provides restaurant customers with a choice of how they want to place their takeout orders. Customers can order through their desktop, laptop or tablet. They can also use their iPhone or Android smart phones to place their orders using the Takeout Rocket app that is free to download. Takeout Rocket provides restaurants all those options, as well as many other great features for one low monthly price.

How Restaurants can use Online Ordering to Their Benefit

Great Idea IconAs we have explained above, there are numerous advantages of online ordering for restaurants. The biggest disadvantage would be using a service that charges a high percentage, so you barely end up making any profit. No sense doing all that extra work and having to pay out a large portion to your silent partner. If your profit margin is 30% and you have to pay out 15% of each order that means you have a 50% silent partner you are paying 50% of your profit to for those online orders. Takeout Rocket’s $49.99 and $29.99 monthly plans offer restaurants a much better option and provide marketing and social media to help increase the number of orders without restaurant’s having to pay a percentage of each order off the top.