Best GrubHub Alternative for Restaurants

Takeout Rocket is the best GrubHub alternative for restaurants for two reasons. First, restaurants pay a low, flat monthly rate, instead of a percentage based fee. Second, we provide restaurants with not only social media support, but we also provide marketing and in-store promotional materials at no additional cost.

Takeout Rocket Online Ordering Made Easy!

Takeout Rocket – Online Ordering Made Easy!

Low-Cost Best GrubHub Alternative for Restaurants

Save money sign red and white with dollar signsTakeout Rocket has two simple pricing plans.  A standard plan at $49.99 per month and a premium plan at $29.99 per month. Takeout Rocket includes in each plan smart phone mobile apps, push notifications sent via text messaging, social media posts and a restaurant marketing program, at no additional cost.

Why is the premium plan less than the standard plan? Takeout Rocket can offer the premium plan for less, because it requires restaurants to use Takeout Rocket’s designated processor for all their credit card processing, for both online orders and in-store dining.

The cost savings to restaurants with either plan is tremendous. One recent restaurant we spoke with was looking to use GrubHub for its online ordering. When they looked at GrubHub’s pricing they soon learned GrubHub was going to charge them 10% plus $5 dollars per order, which is $8.00 or 26% percent of a $30 order.   If a restaurant has a 30% profit margin that means they make $9.00 on that $30 order. If they pay GrubHub $8.00 then they only make $1.00 on a $30 order, basically making GrubHub a silent partner taking over 80% of the restaurant’s net profit.

GrubHub is not the only online ordering service doing this however, other online ordering companies are charging high percentage based fees as well. We did some research to compare fees to see what others were charging and could not believe the numbers. Online ordering, companies like GrubHub, Seamless and Eat24 charge percentages that basically make them silent partners of the restaurants they sign up.

Think about it, there really are very few businesses, consultants, social media marketers, or service providers that work on a percentage basis and those that do charge a percentage higher than what fixed cost consultants charge. We believe the combination of our low cost and online ordering features makes us the best GrubHub alternative for restaurants (or even against other competitors) in any side-by-side comparison.

Let’s Face it, Most Online Orders Come from Returning Customers

mobile phone with takeaway restaurant order screenMost takeout orders typically come from a restaurant’s returning or regular customers, so why pay a percentage on those orders?  What that basically means is you’re paying a third party for your own customers. Paying 10% or more of each order just so your regular customers can order from a simple mobile app is crazy. Estimates are that as much as 80 to 90% of those orders are from customers that already know your restaurant and have order takeout in the past.

Takeout Rocket Includes a Marketing Program to be the Best GrubHub Alternative for Restaurants

There are many different software programs out there today to help restaurants generate more traffic to their websites. It’s not rocket science! Restaurant owners and managers are just so busy running the 

day-to-day challenges of a restaurant that they look for the easiest solution, even if it wasn’t the most cost effective. It’s understandable that restaurants choose some of these online ordering companies to help them through a rough patch, but there is no reason today to use a high priced solution for what is simple online ordering software.

The invisible hand of competition will always level the playing field in any industry, and online ordering solutions are no exception. Takeout Rocket offers a low-cost, monthly online ordering solution that is not percentage based. Its monthly plans include social media support and a restaurant marketing program which Takeout Rocket feels makes it the best GrubHub alternative for restaurants today.

Takeout Rocket’s Strategic Marketing Program

Takeout Rocket developed its own marketing strategy and program for restaurants to help increase their online orders. The program was developed in-house and uses some of the same strategies our competitors use as well as a few of our own. We are constantly exploring new marketing ideas and examining what works and what doesn’t work to provide restaurants with marketing support as good as, if not better, than our high-priced competition to maintain what we fee is the best GrubHub alternative for restaurants based on pricing and features.

Our Passion

At Takeout Rocket, the restaurant and food and beverage industries are our passion. With a background in restaurant merchant solutions, technology, web development and social media marketing, co-founders Joe and Lou know the restaurant industry. Over the years they have provided their restaurant customers with unparalleled service and pricing for their businesses.

Based on the demands and feedback Joe and Lou were getting from their customers, establishing a takeout ordering software company became the next logical step. After conducting deep market research on restaurant industry needs, pricing and features they constructed a premium online ordering system for restaurants small, large and multi-location. We hope you become one of our valued restaurant clients and look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs.

Thank you for visiting Takeout Rocket, the best GrubHub alternative for restaurants big and small. Feel free to contact us if you are considering switching your current online ordering setup or just interested in giving us a try for a few months to see how we compare. We are sure you will be happy with the results Takeout Rocket can deliver.