Best Low Cost Online Ordering for Restaurants

Takeout Rocket provides the best low cost online ordering for restaurants, together with great features that help restaurants grow their business. Unlike some of our competitors we don’t charge a percentage of each order. Takeout Rocket helps restaurants put more money in their pockets.

Takeout Rocket Online Ordering Made Easy!

Online Ordering Made Easy!

Two Plans $49.99 per month or $29.99 per month

Some online software companies charge a low monthly price, but offer very few features or charge extra for each feature a restaurant needs to promote its business. Some of our other competitors offer so-called premium features similar to ours, but they charge 10% to 30% of each order, making themselves the restaurant’s silent partner. Some of our competitors don’t even assist restaurants with marketing or promotion, but still charge more than we do just for online ordering with no additional features or mobile apps.

Takeout Rocket understands not all restaurants are the same when it comes to takeout ordering. Each restaurant has specific needs, but they all share a few basic characteristics that we learned from listening to restaurant owners and managers. We know that in order to offer the best low cost online ordering for restaurants, we needed to provide software solutions that provided superior service at an fair price. After all the most successful restaurants do just that, they have great food at affordable prices.

Takeout Rocket provides the best pricing and service possible to restaurants of all sizes and cuisines. Most small business owners have faced the ups and downs of running a restaurant, and by providing them options and solutions, it makes their job easier and less stressful. We take the mystery out of the whole process and keep it simple.

Ordering food from a restaurant online

Here’s our key to the best low cost online ordering for restaurants:

►           Cost savings to the Restaurant using a flat monthly rate ($49.99 or $29.99 plan)

►           Ease of use for the Restaurant and Customer (Android/Apple/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)

►           Free social media, push notifications and marketing materials to help increase takeout orders

Cost Savings

Restaurants Save Money with Takeout Rocket

Save money sign red and white with dollar signsSome of our competitors charge restaurants a percentage of the order (never pay a percentage based fee for online ordering), which is quite expensive when you consider some restaurants work with very low profit margins of 25% to 30%. Our competitors that charge based on a percentage are taking a big chunk out of the profits of restaurants. The service they are providing really isn’t worth a 15% to 30% cut?  We know of other competitors that are charging a flat rate of $200 or more per month to be on desktop, Android and Apple platforms, and they offer no marketing or social media promotion for the restaurant. Not only does Takeout Rocket offer similar if not better features than most of its competitors, but we offer those features at a fraction of what most of our competitors are charging. We will go that extra mile to convince restaurants that Takeout Rocket is the best low cost online ordering for restaurants. Takeout Rocket Decreases a Restaurant’s Costs for Online Takeout Ordering

Once we saw how much software companies were charging restaurants for simple online ordering, we saw a tremendous opportunity to provide the best low cost online ordering for restaurants.

Online ordering software is not complicated and neither is the marketing and social medial software used to promote a restaurant. 

So why do restaurants pay 10% or more for online ordering?

Well, after talking to numerous restaurant owners and managers, we got several responses. The basic response was that the restaurant was trying to increase its business and felt paying 10% or more for online ordering was worth bringing in new customers and even more importantly, the restaurants were so busy running their business they didn’t have the time to do marketing and social media posting to promote their business.

As you probably know, and maybe you use this strategy for your restaurant, some restaurants are using 3, 4 or even 5 of these percentage based online ordering companies to promote their business. When Takeout Rocket talked to some of these restaurants, they were very interested in adding us to their list, especially since we weren’t going to charge them a percentage, but were offering marketing and promotion as part of our flat monthly cost.

Takeout Rocket charges a flat rate of $49.99 per month which requires the restaurant to have their takeout credit card processing go through our designated processor. We also offer an even lower rate of $29.99 per month if the restaurant agrees to put all their credit card processing through our designated processor. Our two plans apply to all restaurants whether they are cafes, drive-ins, diners, pizzerias, fine dining, full-service restaurants (FSRs), fast casual or quick-service restaurants (QSRs). If you are one location, or multi-location, no problem, give us a call. If you want to integrate our software with your POS system, no problem either, we’re happy to help and provide you with an estimate of the cost of the integration.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

With great features  and huge costs savings, Takeout Rocket is the best low cost online ordering for restaurants.

Example 1:  If a restaurant is paying 10% per order and doing $4,000 per month in takeout ordering, they are paying $400 per month (plus credit card processing costs), so with the $49.95 Standard Plan, Takeout Rocket would be saving the restaurant $350 per month or $4,200 per year, which is a tremendous savings for the restaurant.

Example 2: Obviously, the more takeout volume a restaurant does the more they are saving. If a restaurant is paying 10% per order and doing $10,000 per month in takeout ordering they are paying $1,000 per month (plus credit card processing costs), so with the $49.95 plan Takeout Rocket would be saving the restaurant $950 per month or $11,400 per year, which is a huge cost savings and additional net profit.

Cost Savings with Takeout Rocket

As you can see from the charts below, flat rate pricing is clearly the better choice for saving money. We are not only lower in cost though, we also offer some features our competitors don’t offer to help increase your online orders.  If you would like us to give you a free analysis based on what you are currently paying and what we can save you each month with Takeout Rocket, just Contact Us.

NOTE: Numbers in the chart are based on a restaurant with a 40% overall profit margin.

Type of Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Online Orders Restaurant $ Amount Paid Restaurant % Amount Paid How Much Profit the Restaurant Keeps; Based on 40% Profit Margin How much is this really costing the Restaurant?
Takeout Rocket

Flat Rate



per month

$3,000 per month with $30 average per order  





$1,150 Profit

Here the restaurant is paying out only $49.99 of its $1,200 net profit which is 4.2% of its net profit.

Percentage Based

15% of each order $3,000 per month with $30 average per order  





$750 Profit

Here the restaurant is paying out $450.00 of its $1,200 net profit which is 37.5% of its net profit.

Percentage Based

10% plus   $5 per order $3,000 per month with $30 average per order  





$400.00 Profit

Here the restaurant is paying out $800.00 of its $1,200 net profit which is 66.7% of its net profit.


Takeout Rocket Tip #1:  We recommend that restaurants slowly start switching their customers off percentage based online ordering apps and suggest that their customers, especially their regular customers, start using a service like Takeout Rocket instead. It is very expensive to pay a percentage of each order just for being able to have your regular customers order online. There are better alternatives, and Takeout Rocket provides the best low cost online ordering for restaurants.

Percentage Based Plans – Your Greedy Silent Partner

If you have a 40% profit margin and pay a percentage based company like GrubHub or Seamless 15% of each order, they are your silent partner taking over 35% of your net profit right off the top.  They don’t take the risk you take every day running your restaurant. They certainly don’t put in the hours you do. So why pay a software company or percentage of your hard-earned net profits?

Takeout Rocket’s Online Ordering Comparison Chart for Restaurants provides some valuable information to restaurants looking to compare pricing and features.  The online ordering comparison chart we prepared took quite a bit of research and we were quite surprised that many of our competitors actually made it difficult to find out what their pricing was, probably because of the complicated structure they use. Alexa 1,846

GrubHub and Seamless charge an average commission of 13.5% for restaurant orders placed through their websites and apps. But restaurants pay even more (as much as 30%) to appear higher in search results, which isn’t apparent to diners.  This pricing is not clearly stated on their websites.  Takeout Rocket doesn’t believe in playing games with pricing or features, everything is stated on our website, were not afraid of competition.

Takeout Rocket Tip #2We recommend that restaurants really watch their numbers when it comes to using percentage based online ordering companies. For instance, we have seen numerous complicated pricing plans from the same online company. Some restaurants are paying 10%, some are paying 10% plus $5.00 per order and others pay varying percentages each month ranging from 10 to 30%; and this is with the same company. TALK ABOUT CONFUSING. If a company makes their pricing plans that complicated, the only one that benefits is the company, not the restaurant.

When a restaurant can’t figure out how much they are paying from month to month they can’t see how it is really cutting into their profits. There are better alternatives, and Takeout Rocket provides the best low cost online ordering for restaurants.

Mobile Apps

mobile phone with takeout restaurant order screen isolatedSome supposedly low cost online ordering companies only provide web ordering, without Android or iPhone mobile apps. Others provided smart phone apps, but charged extra for that service. Make sure when you get a quote you look at all the features and how much you will be charged for extra features, most of which Takeout Rocket includes as part of a full package.  You shouldn’t have to pay a la carte, unless you are ordering at a restaurant. Make sure you are getting bundled features so you are paying one monthly price.

Easy to Use Software and Mobile Apps

Easy Button for restaurants and online orderingWe keep it simple. Keeping not only the restaurant in mind, but also the restaurant’s customers, we made sure our online ordering system for restaurants was easy to use and could be used by customers whether they were at work on their desktop, at home on their laptop or tablet, or even if they were on the go and needed to place an order on their iPhone or Android smart phone. More and more customers are looking for ease and convenience of ordering takeout. Our online ordering software is simple and allows your customers to order on whatever device they choose.


Online social media, marketing and advertisingFree Social Media and Promotional Materials to Help Increase Takeout Orders

Many of our restaurant clients just don’t have the time or skills to effectively use social media effectively.  Well we do, and not only that, but we provide social media marketing efforts as well as in-store promotional materials, at no additional cost as part of our two monthly plans. Does your current online ordering provider give you hundreds of social media posts with pictures of your food and restaurant? Well we do, and we do it monthly as part of our bundled features. That’s just another reason why Takeout Rocket provides the best online ordering service for restaurants.

Our team works closely with restaurants to give them the personal attention they need.  We want every restaurant we work with, large or small, not only to succeed and grow their business, but also to reduce their online takeout ordering costs. Takeout Rocket’s goal is to help restaurants decrease their costs for takeout ordering and help them to increase the number of takeout orders they do each month. The Takeout Rocket team works hard to ensure its takeout ordering software for restaurants is the best in its class.

Increase the Number of Takeout Orders

While we can’t guarantee a restaurant will increase the number of its takeout orders, we do include social media marketing and in-store promotional materials at no additional cost. In order to be viewed as the best low cost online ordering for restaurants, we felt we had to include marketing to help restaurants get more orders. We helped develop a proprietary social media tool with some colleagues to promote businesses on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.  We even help restaurants by doing Instagram posts and carefully using captions on Instagram for maximum exposure. Great pricing and even better service is what makes us the best low cost online ordering for restaurants. For instance,

Our Passion

At Takeout Rocket, the restaurant and food and beverage industries are our passion. With backgrounds servicing restaurants, providing merchant solutions, technology, and marketing, co-founders Joe and Lou count many restaurants as their valued customers. Over the years they have provided them with unparalleled service and helped them save money and increase their customer base. We hope you become one of our valued restaurant clients and will agree that Takeout Rocket provides the best low cost online ordering for restaurants.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs.