Best Online Ordering Features for Restaurants

Our team would like to share our research on the best online ordering features for restaurants. We hope this will help you decide if the solution you are currently using or are considering using is really a good choice. See how the competition stacks up. There is a definite trend and increase in online ordering for restaurants and it is no mystery why given the technology advancements and large millennial population.

Takeout Rocket not only provides the best features for online ordering for restaurants, but we are the most cost-effective solution for restaurants as well.  We don’t charge a percentage of your orders and cut into your profit margin. Takeout Rocket has two plans priced at $49.99 and $29.99 per month with lots of great online ordering features to save restaurants money and increase their online orders.

Takeout Rocket Online Ordering Made Easy!

Online Ordering Made Easy!

Two Plans $49.99 per month or $29.99 per month

Features that Appeal to Millennials

The restaurant industry has a habit of following trends and buying patterns, so a discussion about the best online ordering features for restaurants would not be complete without a discussion about the buying power of and number of Millennials now a part of our culture and population.

iphone marketing social media push notifications seoMillennials have now surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation, according to population estimates released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Millennials are those between the ages of 18 and 34 in 2015. Millennials now number 75.4 million, surpassing the 74.9 million Baby Boomers (ages 51-69). The Millennial generation also continues to grow as young immigrants expand its ranks. So why do restaurants need to factor Millennials into their online strategy? Well, the average Millennial dines at a restaurant or buys take-out food five times per week. That’s quite a bit of online ordering and something the restaurants can appreciate. Millennials have grown up with mobile technology and expect to be able to use it in every aspect of their life. They want to be able to use their smart phones to order online from restaurants, use social media, chat with friends, do online research and buy products. The convenience of mobile online ordering from restaurants is a significant factor when they decide to order lunch or dinner.

Ordering from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone

Some of the best online ordering features for restaurants are the ability to provide mobile apps so that customers can order from the web or any device, such as an iPhone or Online ordering Food Delivery app from a tabletAndroid. Giving customers the choice of ordering from any device shows your business is up to date making it easy for your customers to order, and hopefully reorder. Takeout Rocket’s online ordering is available for ordering on the web from desktops or laptops, but we also have the Takeout Rocket ordering app for iPhone and Android users. We have your restaurant covered no matter how your customers want to place their orders and our software is very easy to use whether you are a restaurant or customer placing an order.

Push Notifications

Another great feature to have is the push notification. This way when a customer places an order it comes through directly to a tablet or other device selected by the restaurant so that restaurant staff can see the order, accept or reject the order, and then put it through to the kitchen if accepted. It speeds up the process and is a great notification tool for busy restaurants. Push notifications to promote specials, discount and holiday reminders are another great feature Takeout Rocket does for restaurants.

Marketing and Social Media Features

Some of the best online ordering features for restaurants include some form of marketing, social media, search engine optimization or all three. Find out exactly what your online ordering company does to increase your sales, drive traffic to your product pages and help build your brand. If they tell you they do marketing or SEO, find out exactly what they do to increase your business. Don’t take their word for it, and ask them to give you some examples. Some say they do marketing for the restaurant, but in actuality all they provide are the tools and leave it up to the restaurant to do all the work.

Online social media, marketing and advertisingFor example, Takeout Rocket gives each restaurant hundreds of social media posts each month to be one of the best online ordering features for restaurants. We want to spread the word and help increase the number of online orders a restaurant receives. Restaurant owners and their staff are busy running the restaurant.  They barely have time to monitor social media let alone come up with a marketing plan.  They just don’t have the time to do hundreds of social media posts per month to promote their restaurant, specials, holiday events and new menu items. That’s why we include over 300 social media posts in our $49.99 silver plan and over 500 social media posts in our $29.99 gold plan. We want to spread the word and help increase your business.

It is difficult to be a restaurant and ignore social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and especially Instagram. We not only see the importance of these channels, but understand most restaurants just don’t have the time or skills to effectively use them.  Well we do, and not only that, but we provide these marketing efforts for no additional charge as part of our two monthly plans. It’s all included. Save the al a carte pricing for the menu not your online ordering solution.

Some of our competitors don’t even assist restaurants with marketing or promotion, so how can they claim to be offering the best online ordering features for restaurants? They can’t. Some of our competitors that do offer marketing services charge extra for those services or only promote discount deals, costing the restaurant even more in lost revenue. OUCH ! ! !

POS System with Integrated Online Ordering

More and more restaurants are turning to POS systems to run their businesses and we advise restaurants on the different choices available today.  Many have the features that are good for running a busy restaurant that is mostly dine-in and they lock you up with one credit card processor, slowly raising your rates without you even noticing it until it is not worth switching POS systems. Choosing a POS system that only works with one processor can end up being it is a big mistake, so be careful. No POS systems that we know of even come close to providing the best online ordering features for restaurants.

Most POS systems will charge $50.00 to $75.00 per month to integrate online ordering from your website. Seems like a good deal, but is it? Let’s take closer look. First of all, it should be a one-time fee not monthly. Next, most POS integrations don’t include important online ordering features, since they are geared more for dining in customers.

  • Is the POS or merchant processing company giving you a bundled marketing features?
  • Are they giving you free in-store promotional materials to promote your restaurant?
  • Are they including online ordering from Facebook?
  • How about mobile apps, are they including iPhone and Android apps to make it easy for your customers to order? (Most are just mobile friendly which is not the same thing.)
  • Does your POS company send out push notifications for you to promote your business?

Well Takeout Rocket does all that for $49.99 per month. If you still want to integrate with your POS system, give us a call and we’ll give you a flat rate quote for POS integration, or you can use our tablet; Takeout Rocket’s tablet and set up cost is just $199.00. So paying your POS company  $50.00 per month to integrate online ordering into your POS system just gets you integrated, but does not provide you with marketing, social media, push notifications and mobile apps, so $50.00 per month is an expensive POS integration. You would think the POS company would give you the integration for free.  To be one of the best online ordering features for restaurants, POS system integration should either be free or a one-time payment, not a monthly fee. Don’t be fooled by your POS company into paying another monthly fee for integration that has very little offer.

Cost Compared to Value

As mentioned above, you really need to compare cost and value when looking for the best online ordering features for restaurants. If you want an all-in-one solution for the features you are looking for it may be worth paying a little more so you don’t have to switch to different applications on your computer. Online ordering with key software features and a fixed monthly price is the name of the game. At Takeout Rocket, we built our business model on providing the best online ordering features for restaurants and we do it at a reasonable fixed monthly price, not a complicated pricing structure that ranges monthly from 10% to 30%.

Our Passion

Co-founders Joe and Lou count numerous restaurants as their valued customers. After conducting deep market research on restaurant industry needs, pricing and features, Joe and Lou constructed a premium online ordering system for restaurants small, large and multi-location. Their goal was simple, to provide the best online ordering features for restaurants at a reasonable fixed monthly price. Over the years they have provided owners with unparalleled service to help them reduce costs and increase business; it’s what they do. Joe and Lou hope you become one of their valued restaurant clients and look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs.