Best Online Ordering Features

Let’s break down the best online ordering features to see how the competition stacks up. Even bricks and mortar businesses at some point consider online selling to improve not only their gross revenues, but also their net profits. Today, more than ever, restaurants are fighting off the competition in an online battle to retain existing customers and attain new customers. Using an online ordering system that provides social media, link building and push notifications becomes a win-win for restaurants. This allows them to have one solution provider rather than several. This is the business model that Takeout Rocket was built on, while at the same time maintaining an affordable pricing structure.

Online ordering foodie

Done properly and choosing the right online software company to partner with can be a tremendous move in the right direction for your business. Choosing the wrong software partner or paying too much can have the opposite effect and reduce your net profits and your profit margin. Therefore, the best online ordering features should not only be effective to increase your brand name and sales, but they should be fairly priced compared to the value they claim they can deliver.

Easy to Use Ordering Feature – Most Important Factor to Consider

What we mean by “easy to use” is that customers should be able to click on the product or service they want and be able to finish making that purchase as fast as possible. It should not require too many clicks and customers should not have to pass through several more webpages to place their order. The path of least resistance is an important feature. Too many steps and you can lose the order.

Ordering from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone

mobile phone with takeout restaurant order screen isolated Some of the best online ordering features for restaurants are the ability to provide mobile apps so that customers can order from the web or any device, such as iPhone or Android. Today, just being mobile friendly is not good enough. Giving customers the choice of ordering from any device shows your business is current with technology making it easy for your customers to order, and hopefully reorder. For instance, Takeout Rocket’s online ordering is available for ordering on the web from desktops or laptops, but we also have the Takeout Rocket ordering app for iPhone and Android users.

Customers today have gotten spoiled with technology and how it was work on their particular device. If it doesn’t work easily on their device, you lose the sale to a competitor in less than one minute. Scary, but true unfortunately. The global mass market is largely influenced by millennials and winning over millennial customers is an important strategy for restaurants.  Millennials have grown up with mobile technology and expect to be able to use it in every aspect of their life. They want to be able to use their smart phones to order online from restaurants, use social media, chat with friends, do online research and buy products. The convenience of mobile online ordering from restaurants is a significant factor when they decide to order lunch or dinner.

Marketing and Social Media Features

Some of the best online ordering features include some form of marketing, social media, search engine optimization or all three. Find out exactly what your online ordering Online social media, marketing and advertisingcompany does to increase your sales, drive traffic to your product pages and help build your brand. If your online ordering software works great and is very low cost then consider either outsourcing marketing to someone for a flat monthly rate or see what software you may want to use from a company like Hoote Suite or HubSpot. Takeout Rocket combines low cost and great features, so it satisfies all a restaurant’s needs for online ordering. We have two simple pricing plans and believe in keeping it simple, so we intentionally avoided a complicated pricing structure, unlike most of our competitors that charge anywhere from 15% to 30% off the top. Some of our key features are social media marketing, push notifications sent via text messaging and online discounts and coupon codes.

Cost Compared to Value

As mentioned above, you really need to compare cost and value when looking for the best online ordering features. If you want an all-in-one solution for the features you are looking for it may be worth paying a little more so you don’t have to switch to different applications on your computer. Having an integrated solution with the key software features you are looking for should be all you need. Please contact us to see how Takeout Rocket can provide the cost effective solution you are looking for.