Best Online Ordering Software for Restaurants

Takeout Rocket provides what it feels is the best online ordering software for restaurants since it charges a low monthly fixed cost and delivers exceptional features to help restaurants increase the number of takeout orders they receive. Some online software companies charge a low monthly price, but offer no marketing features (or very few) or worse yet, charge extra for each feature a restaurant needs to properly offer online ordering to its customers. We have seen some of our competitors offer premium features similar to ours, but they charge 10% to 30% of each order, essentially becoming a silent partner. Some of our competitors even charge extra for marketing services or placement on a page, with no guarantee they will even get a page one spot, costing the restaurant even more in lost revenue.

mobile phone with takeaway restaurant ordering app

Takeout Rocket provides competitive pricing and great service so that restaurants large and small can increase their revenues and cut costs. We like to keep the whole process simple.

Here’s our key to the best online ordering software for restaurants:

►           Cost savings to the Restaurant using a flat monthly rate ($49.99 or $29.99 plan)

►           Ease of use for the Restaurant and Customer (Android/Apple/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)

►           Push notifications via text messaging, in-store marketing and social media marketing to help increase takeout orders and even dining in orders from new and existing Customers of your Restaurant

Takeout Rocket understands not all restaurants are the same when it comes to takeout ordering. Each restaurant needs to be flexible on the hours it chooses to provide online ordering for takeout and even the days it wants to offer online ordering. We learned from listening to our existing and potential restaurant clients over the years what was needed to provide the best online ordering features for restaurants. We know that in order to offer the best online ordering software for restaurants, we needed to provide low pricing and great features. After all the most popular restaurants do exactly that, they provide great food at affordable prices.

Cost Savings

Restaurants Save Money with Takeout Rocket

Some of our competitors charge restaurants a percentage of the order, anywhere from 10% to 30% and some even add on a $5.00 charge per order. This could cost a restaurant between 35% and 55% on a $20 order.  THAT’S CRAZY!!! Our competitors that charge based on a percentage are taking a big bite out of the profits of restaurants, just for a simple app to accept online orders and provide some marketing.

Other online ordering companies charge a flat rate of $200 or more per month to be on desktop, Android and Apple platforms, and they offer no marketing or social media promotion for the restaurant. Everything is “extra” so they play games when they quote a restaurant a monthly price. Takeout Rocket offers similar if not better features than most of its competitors and provides those features at a fraction of the cost of what most online ordering companies charge. Find out more from our online ordering comparison chart.

Takeout Rocket Lowers a Restaurant’s Costs for Online Ordering

Once we saw how much our competitors were charging restaurants we saw a tremendous opportunity to provide the best online ordering software for restaurants. There is no need to charge 10% to 30% like some of our competitors. Our two plans apply to all restaurants whether they are cafes, bistros, diners, fine dining, full-service restaurants (FSRs), fast casual or quick-service restaurants (QSRs). We especially like to work with multi-location restaurants, so give us a call and see how we can help.

With great features and huge costs savings, Takeout Rocket is the best online ordering for restaurants.

Example:  If a restaurant is paying 10% plus $5.00 per order and doing $4,000 per month in online ordering with average orders of $40.00, they are paying $900 per month which is 22.5%.

Example of Savings with Takeout Rocket: Using those same numbers but applying them to Takeout Rocket’s $49.95 Standard Plan that amounts to 1.25%; so Takeout Rocket would be saving the restaurant $850 per month which is a savings of $10,200 per year.


Easy to Use Software and Mobile Apps

We keep it simple. Keeping not only the restaurant in mind, but also the restaurant’s customers, we made sure to be the best online ordering software for restaurants, it was easy and intuitive to use. This meant that customers could use it quickly whether they were at work on their desktop or at home on their laptop or tablet. Even if your customers are on the go and need to place an order on their iPhone or Android smart phone, we have you covered.

Free Social Media and Promotional Materials to Help Increase Takeout Orders

Many of our restaurant clients just don’t have the time to spend on social media.  Well we do, and not only that, but we provide social media marketing efforts as well as in-store promotional materials, at no additional cost as part of our two monthly plans. Does your current online ordering provider give you hundreds of social media posts with pictures of your food and restaurant, well we do, and we do it monthly. That’s just one of the many reasons why Takeout Rocket provides the best online ordering software for restaurants.

Takeout Rocket goes that extra mile to help restaurants increase their online orders

Our team works closely with restaurants to give them the personal attention they need.  We wait every restaurant we work with, large or small, not only to increase their online orders, but also to reduce their online ordering costs. The Takeout Rocket team works hard to ensure its takeout ordering software for restaurants is the best in its class and is on the cutting edge when it comes to technology and marketing. Great service is what makes us the best online ordering company for restaurants.

In a recent study it was found that restaurants using an online ordering service were able to grow their takeout revenue by an average of 30%. Equally important though is using a flat rate service (instead of one that charges a percentage of each order) like Takeout Rocket. This saves restaurants in the long run, since they are not paying out a percentage of each order which cuts into their profit margin. While consumer behavior is changing restaurants need to provide an easy online ordering platform and Takeout Rocket feels it provides the best online ordering software for restaurants.

Our Passion

At Takeout Rocket, the restaurant and food and beverage industries are our passion. With a background in restaurant merchant solutions, technology, web development and social media marketing, co-founders Joe and Lou count many restaurants as their valued customers. Over the years they have provided them with unparalleled service and helped them save money. We hope you become one of our valued restaurant clients and agree that Takeout Rocket provides the best online ordering software for restaurants.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs.