How Does the Takeout Rocket app work? 

For Customers – The Takeout Rocket app is for people who want to order takeout food from a restaurant. It is free for download and is available on the App Store or you can get it on Google play as well. 

For Restaurants – The Takeout Rocket Orders app is for restaurants to manage their online orders as they come in and is available on the App Store or restaurants can get it on Google play as well.  

For Drivers – The Takeout Rocket Delivery app is for drivers that want to sign up and start making deliveries for restaurants using Takeout Rocket and is available on the App Store or you can get it on Google play as well.  

How Much Does Takeout Rocket Charge? 

Our online ordering app is free to customers. If you are a restaurant, we charge a low monthly rate. Unlike most online ordering apps that charge restaurants 10% to 30% of each order, Takeout Rocket currently has only two pricing plans for $49.99 and $29.99.  

How is Takeout Rocket different than other online ordering apps? 

Each plan includes premium features that make us stand out from the crowd. For instance, our social media promotions, push notifications and in-store marketing materials are easily worth more than the monthly fee we charge, while some other flat rate services charge extra for those services.  

Will I get notified when the restaurant accepts my order? 

Yes, when you send in your order the restaurant will review your order and respond in app that it has been accepted with an estimated delivery time or pickup time if you are picking up the order yourself. Your order then gets updated and you will receive a second notification when the driver is on the way to make your delivery.  

Can I Reset a Forgotten Password? 

Absolutely!  On the login page you can reset your password just like you do with most other websites, no mystery there. Also, our customer support staff can help if you are still having problems resetting your password. 

How Do I Pay When I Place an Order? 

When you place your order, you will need to put in your credit card number, unless the restaurant you are ordering from allows you to pay at the time of pickup or delivery.  We only work with major credit card processors and rely on their sophisticated security and encryption. The transaction is processed on their servers not ours, adding an additional layer of security and protection.  

What if I Want to Order from a Restaurant That is Not Using Takeout Rocket? 

If you want to pace an order at a restaurant that is not yet using Takeout Rocket, you can have them give us a call or you can contact us and let us know which restaurant you would like added to our growing list. We will reach out to them and do our best to have them join the Takeout Rocket lineup.  We do not require an exclusive contract with restaurants. In fact, some restaurants are signed up with several online ordering services to help them increase the amount of takeout orders they do monthly. 

Is There a Way that I Can Change or Cancel MOrder? 

Yes, but of course it all depends on how much time has passed since you placed your order. The best way is to contact the restaurant directly by calling them and explaining the situation.  

How do I become a Takeout Rocket Driver? 

We do screen our drivers, but if you have already been screened or and are driving for another service, the odds are very good you will be approved by Takeout Rocket as well.  The Takeout Rocket Driver app is available on the App Store and Google Play as well.