Five Business Tips for Restaurants to Increase Sales

These Five Business Tips for Restaurants to Increase Sales will help with dining in as well as takeout orders. We all know the restaurant industry is highly competitive, requires long hours and is yet a very personalized business in which restaurant owners, managers and even the wait staff really get to know their customers.

Head chef in kitchen

Even if you own or work at a small café, diner, quick serve restaurant, also known as a QSR, fast casual or fine dining restaurant these five business tips for restaurants to increase sales should prove very useful, or at the very least, help confirm some of the things you may already know about increasing sales at your restaurant.

How to use These Five Business Tips for Restaurants to Increase Sales

Important Considerations

  • Type and size of restaurant (Is it a small or large restaurant? Is it a QSR or fine dining?);
  • Does the restaurant currently do takeout ordering;
  • Can takeout orders be placed and paid for online;
  • Can the restaurant handle a larger takeout volume;
  • If the restaurant does takeout out ordering does it use online ordering software or are the orders all taken over the phone; and
  • Does the restaurant currently have a gift card or loyalty card program?

These considerations are necessary to do a proper analysis and determine where the focus should be to most effectively increase the restaurant’s sales.

1.  Increasing Online Orders for Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners and managers deal with various situations and have to make numerous decisions on a daily basis. We hope these five business tips for restaurants to increase sales helps save time and reduce costs. You may want to also review or other five business tips for restaurants which will help you save time and reduce costs.

Statistics show that online orders and takeout ordering are significantly on the rise. If you restaurant does not do or does. Little takeout, you need to capitalize on the growing trend of online ordering. There is a high profit margin takeout ordering. Extra table space is unnecessary

and you can accept as many orders as your kitchen can handle. Of these five business tips for restaurants to increase sales, this one could have the largest impact on your business, depending on how you currently handle takeout ordering for your customers.

Tips About Online Ordering for Restaurants

            Some restaurants sign up with several online ordering services and have several stickers on their front door. Most of these services are not worth the price they charge. The devil is in the details, and in this case we mean pricing details. Most restaurants are paying anywhere from 12% to 30% (plus processing fees) or $89 to $450 (plus processing fees) for online ordering services. One additional cost we discovered was a higher fee if orders come through their system rather than through your website, even if they are your regular customers.  Why would a restaurant pay a percentage to a software company just for putting through an order for its existing customers? That’s crazy! Percentage based online services are costly and significantly lower a restaurant’s profit margin.

Restaurants Don’t Need to Pay Excessive Fees for Simple Online Ordering Software

We understand that restaurant owners have limited time, are not computer programmers and look for simple low-cost solutions. That is why Takeout Rocket offers a simple online ordering system to restaurants with flat rate pricing rather than excessive percentage based plans that greatly cut into a restaurants profit margins. Restaurants would never pay 15% for credit card processing so why do they pay 15% to a software company simply for online ordering when there are other options available to them?

Takeout Rocket has two pricing plans. The Standard Plan is $49.99 per month and the Premium Plan is actually lower, at $29.99 per month. Both of our pricing plans with bundled features provide significant value. We include social media marketing and promotional materials at no additional cost. We like to keep it simple. 

Takeout Rocket vs. Other Online Ordering Companies

  • Easy to Use

Keeping the restaurant and the customer in mind, we wanted to implement takeout ordering software that would be easy to use on any device. “It’s not rocket science”, not for us anyway. The Takeout Rocket app allows people on the go with a quick and easy way to order takeout using their iPhone or Android device. Our team designed a very simple model with the goal of being best in its class.

  • Low Cost with Great Features

Takeout Rocket is probably the most cost-effective plan available, without skimping on features. It is a tremendous value. We have two low cost pricing plans, zero transactional fees and zero percentage based fees. Everything is month to month with no annual commitment or early termination fee.

  • Social Media Marketing and Promotional Materials to Increase Sales

We know the importance of marketing and how that can increase a restaurant’s business. That is why we integrated social media software into our model, as well as a few other ideas we felt would help restaurants with increased order flow. 

As part of the monthly fee, the Takeout Rocket team provides hundreds of social media posts to each restaurant client to help promote their business, and we don’t charge extra for those services. Restaurants need to have presence on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and especially Instagram. If local competitors are active on social media, you are restaurant needs to promote itself online as well.

2.  Promoting Specials

Sure customers like to order their favorites over and over, and specials can sometimes spice things up. Social media, especially Facebook Instagram, are great ways to promote your restaurant’s specials. Specials can also mean a free appetizer, free glass of wine, discounts on slow days, as well as special entrée or appetizer only available for a limited time.

3.  Reminding Customers through Social Media

Some restaurants are more active than others on social media. Reminding customers through social media channels of your great food, service, wonderful ambience and attentive staff is a low cost way to get keep in touch with them. Takeout Rocket is especially helpful for restaurants that just don’t have the time or skills for social media campaigns. We provide our restaurant clients with hundreds of posts each month using social media software we helped develop. We tried to use a combination of posts on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

While we provide our social media posts to our restaurant clients as part of their monthly plan at no additional cost, we do have a separate fee for restaurants that would like us to handle their email campaigns through Constant Contact.

Restaurants do need to monitor their own social media accounts and respond timely to comments good or bad, especially the bad comments or complaints. Restaurant management and owners need to thank customers for their kind words or respond to complaints in a timely and very professional way.

Thanking customers who have posted pictures of or praises about your food really does send a great impression to others who may be considering trying your restaurant or a particular dish on your menu. So as part of your implementation of these five business tips for restaurants to increase sales, make sure you or one of your staff are designated to periodically review social media posts and respond appropriately.

4.  Gift and Loyalty Cards

Using gift and loyalty cards is a great way for restaurants to boost sales. Customers like the convenience of gift cards and often give then to family members as gifts or businesses give them as rewards to their employees.  Having people in the community with a piece of plastic in their wallet or purse with your restaurant’s name and logo on it is also a great way to build your restaurant’s brand name.

Another thing to consider is that customers with gift cards will typically spend more than is actually on the card and it gives them a reason to come back to your restaurant so they won’t let that money go to waste.

5.  Community Activity and Brand Building

A great way to help the community and promote your restaurant’s name is to be active in the community. Donating food to a food bank or shelter is a great way to serve your community and get a few brownie points as well. Sponsoring organizations, youth sports teams and even buying ad space in an event program is another great way to promote your restaurant and show support for your community.


We hope these five business tips for restaurants to increase sales have given you some useful ideas to help your restaurant business. We are always available for free consultations and look forward to assisting you with any situation or problem you may have.