GrubHub Alternative for Restaurants

Takeout Rocket provides a GrubHub alternative for restaurants looking to reduce their monthly online ordering costs, yet maintain a competitive advantage over local restaurants. Takeout Rocket is able to do this by charging a flat monthly fee of $49.99, rather than 10% to 30% of each order as does some of its competitors. Restaurants using GrubHub or any other service charging 10% or more are paying $200 for just $2,000 in takeout ordering through GrubHub.

Takeout Rocket Online Ordering

Takeout Rocket – Online Ordering Made Easy!

The costs of online ordering software have come down tremendously since GrubHub launched several years ago, but they still charge 10% or more. Some restaurants are even paying 10% plus $5.00 per order. We offer more than just a low-cost online ordering alternative for restaurants however, we also offer great online ordering features which we feel are comparable and in some cases better than those offered by our competitors. Based on our low cost monthly pricing plans, easy to use software, incredible customer support and exceptional features we feel we provide what is the best GrubHub alternative for restaurants today.

Takeout Rocket Features That Help Attract Customers

Restaurant Marketing Program – No Extra Charge

Takeout Rocket developed its own restaurant marketing program to help increase takeout orders to restaurants using our service. Takeout Rocket uses a multi-step marketing program it specially developed to help each restaurant increase its online orders, which in some cases can increase their in-store sales as well. We provide this restaurant marketing program at no additional charge. It’s all included in each of our monthly plans and provides tremendous value, making Takeout Rocket a go to GrubHub alternative for restaurants. We believe in offering bundled features and making our pricing plans clear not complicated; which is why we only have two plans and two pricing structures.

iphone marketing social media push notifications seoTakeout Rocket’s strategic restaurant marketing plan uses some or all of a combination of local online targeted advertising, in-store promotional materials, social media posts, push notifications sent via text, Google AdWords and a few other techniques and strategies specifically developed to promote restaurants using Takeout Rocket’s online ordering platform.

It is difficult to be a restaurant and ignore social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and especially Instagram. We not only see the importance of these channels, but understand most restaurants just don’t have the time or skills to effectively use them.  That is why we incorporated a restaurant marketing program into our online ordering GrubHub alternative or restaurants.

While we save restaurants a significant amount of time by helping them with social media marketing as part of our monthly service, we do explain to them that it is important that they do periodically check these social media channels. Restaurants need to respond and thank customers that have given great reviews or comments, but even more importantly, to promptly and professionally respond to customers who may have had a bad meal or experience at their restaurant for whatever reason.

Digital Accessibility is Important for Demographics

According to the National Restaurant Association, the availability of technology options is an important factor when choosing a restaurant for nearly one-third of all adults and more than 40% of millennials. Restaurants are in an extremely competitive industry and being digitally accessible is critical for reaching potential customers. Easy online ordering through smart phone apps is even more important if restaurants want to capture some of the large millennial buying sector. Our GrubHub alternative for restaurants makes online ordering easy from desktop, laptop, iPhone or Android.

Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

As part of our two monthly plans Takeout Rocket uses push notifications sent via text and social media posting to help increase your online orders. Using proprietary software, Takeout Rocket sends out over 100 social media posts for each restaurant, using some of the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. If restaurants would like us to manage their email marketing campaigns, we can do that as well, but do charge separately for that service.

Keeping it Simple

Easy Button for restaurants and online orderingWe like to keep it simple, because we know how hard people work to survive in the restaurant industry. Our goal is not only to provide just another GrubHub alternative for restaurants, but to provide an online ordering service that is better than the rest. After all, what good is a big expensive software program that is too complicated to use and costs too much for the average restaurant. Next time you get your bill from your current online ordering company, take a hard look at how much you are paying simply to have online ordering as a convenience. If you are paying more than 5% overall, you are paying too much.