GrubHub Alternative

Looking for a GrubHub alternative for your restaurant to save money but still deliver valuable features?  Well, you’ve come to the right place. Takeout Rocket provides online ordering and is not only a low cost GrubHub alternative, but we also provide great features to help your restaurant get more takeout orders. Do you really know how much you are paying monthly for online ordering? If not, examine last month’s statement and if you are paying more than 3 or 4%, you are most likely paying too much.

Takeout Rocket - We Make Online Ordering Easy!

Takeout Rocket – Online Ordering Made Easy!

Low Cost GrubHub Alternative

Takeout Rocket provides competitive pricing so that restaurants large and small can reduce the cost of online ordering, especially those restaurants that realize about 75% of their take out comes from their existing customer base. No sense paying 10% to 30% for online ordering software that your regular customers are using. Give us a try and find out about the Takeout Rocket difference.


Low cost white stamp text on blueblackTakeout Rocket Monthly Pricing:  Standard Plan $49.99 and the Premium Plan $29.99; each plan includes social media and online marketing as well as in-store promotional materials to increase your sales.

Features Necessary to be an Effective GrubHub Alternative

Takeout Rocket understands it’s not enough just to be a low-cost alternative to GrubHub; you have to also help restaurants with push notifications sent via test messages, online marketing, promotion and social media which translates into increased orders. We do all that, IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE that justifies a 10% to 30% commission on each order.

The great thing about using an online ordering company like Takeout Rocket is that restaurants pay one flat monthly fee for basically the same features for which they are paying a percentage.  Let’s face it, most takeout orders come from the restaurant’s regular customers, so why pay a percentage on those orders?  What that basically means is you’re paying a third party for your customers.

If your restaurant is paying a percent to GrubHub or another online platform, you are basically making them your partner, because you are paying them a percentage of your revenues.  What’s worse is they take their percentage right off the top.  If the profit margin at your restaurant is 30% and you are paying a software company 15% off the top, they are basically your 50% silent partner without taking the risk you are taking. Switching your regular customers over to Takeout Rocket for online ordering will save your restaurant a significant amount each month.

Here are some of Takeout Rocket’s features that are provided to restaurants at no extra cost when they sign up for one our monthly plans.

►           NO EXTRA COST for push notifications via text messaging;

►           NO EXTRA COST for social media marketing;

►           NO EXTRA COST for in-store promotional materials;

►           NO EXTRA COST for iPhone and Android mobile apps;

►           NO EXTRA COST for Facebook ordering.

If you are paying more than 3% or 4% for online ordering software from companies like GrubHub, Eat24, Seamless, and others, you are paying too much for just a simple software program, especially if you are just putting a link on your website that goes to their website to put the order through their platform. Several years ago there were few options available to restaurants, but not today. See why switching to Takeout Rocket can improve your net profits.

The Value of Takeout Rocket

As you can see, Takeout Rocket provides a real value based on its two flat-rate monthly plans and tremendous features. We don’t need to charge restaurants an arm and a leg for simple online ordering and marketing services. Takeout Rocket is clearly the best GrubHub alternative for restaurants on the market today. We look forward to helping your restaurant reduce its takeout ordering costs and providing it with great service not available from most of our competitors.