How to Promote Your Facebook Page

Takeout Rocket would like to provide you with a few simple tips on how to promote your Facebook page. We provide restaurants with free marketing support in the form of of social media posts, push notifications sent via text messaging and marketing materials to help increase sales at their restaurants, but we advise restaurants in many other ways as well. This includes full serve restaurants, cafés, diners, quick serve restaurants, fast casual restaurants and even those that are set up for fine dining. Our online ordering for restaurant plans provide bundled features at an affordable price and great features to promote your restaurant.

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Have a Plan – Set a Schedule

These tips on how to promote your Facebook page are straightforward and won’t require extensive time and effort, but you should have a plan and set a schedule on the steps you will take. It will keep you focused and save you time because you will have a blueprint to follow.

Use Social Media Scheduling Software to Save Time and Effort

Takeout Rocket uses a few software tools to help promote its restaurant clients on social media platforms and elsewhere on the internet. We use some specialized software and have a proprietary marketing plan we use to promote restaurants and help increase their orders. The great thing about software is that it saves you time. You can schedule posts so that you only need to set them up every one or two weeks. You should however monitor your social media to be able to properly respond to complaints or think satisfied customers that complement you on your business product or services.

Using Facebook Ads

Facebook IconDepending on the type of business you are trying to promote, Facebook ads can be very effective if done correctly. Also, you can do it on a small or large budget. We recommend starting out small and monitoring your results. Are you getting a good return on your Facebook budget? If you need help on a Facebook ad strategy we recommend you review “Facebook Ads: 19 ways to get more sales social media marketing.” It explains the different types of Facebook ads and how to use them based on whether you are trying to promote a particular page on your website, get more sales generated or just build brand awareness.

Using Your Other Social Media Accounts to Direct Traffic

Using LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr can help increase traffic to your Facebook page or website. LinkedIn articles are great way to promote your Facebook page and website. It helps build credibility for your business and can establish you as an expert in your field. Takeout Rocket has a number of great tips on promoting your restaurant with Instagram.

If you have trouble writing articles, there are plenty of low-cost content providers that can help you with writing. Whether you need one article or are thinking of the series of five articles, but just don’t have the time to commit to such a project, search for a content provider. You can find them on various websites such as eLance and Upwork.

Use Instagram to Promote Your Business on Facebook

When deciding how to promote your Facebook page, keep in mind the power of pictures, especially if you are in the restaurant business. Nothing says it better than pictures of food. In order to use Instagram to promote your Facebook pages you need to have an Instagram account set up for your business in link it directly to your Facebook business page. Once you have your Instagram business account set up go to “Settings” and link your Facebook account. Instagram has a “Share To” feature that will allow you to share your Instagram posts on your Facebook business page. Following these steps is a great way for you to leverage your posting power.