Online Ordering Benefits for Restaurants

There are many online ordering benefits for restaurants. It’s not hard to see why more and more restaurants are providing online ordering to their existing and newly found customers. We help restaurants save money with our online ordering app that is free for restaurant customers to download from either the APP Store or Google Play. We don’t charge restaurants a percentage of each order like our competitors and use flat rate monthly pricing.  We provide great features as well as social media and in-store promotional materials to help increase a restaurant’s online orders.

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Increasing Net Profits with Takeout Rocket

There has been a huge increase in the amount of online ordering the past few years. Technology makes it extremely easy and time efficient. Millennial’s aren’t cooking as much as past generations and prefer ordering takeout to dining out because of the convenience and lower cost. Restaurants can capitalize on this to increase their sales by using online ordering. Restaurants can also significantly increase their net profits if they choose the right online ordering system that doesn’t charge a percentage of each order.

Hot Tip #1 for Restaurants:Switch your regular customers to flat rate online ordering app like Takeout Rocket, instead of using percentage based ordering like GrubHub or Seamless that will eat into a restaurant’s profits.
Hot Tip #2 for Restaurants:Sign up with Takeout Rocket and get more bang for your buck. We don’t charge a percentage of each order and provide restaurants with social media marketing, link building, push notifications via text messaging and in-store marketing materials all for one low monthly price.

Increased Demand for Online Ordering

Online ordering in North America has increased the past few years. Restaurants can increase their gross revenues, as well as net profits, if they are careful and don’t overpay for online ordering apps. Prices have come down and paying more than 2% for online ordering and marketing is just not cost effective. Americans across the board are ordering takeout more, while dining out less.  Capitalizing on this trend is one of the advantages of online ordering for restaurants.

Online Ordering by Millennials

Restaurants can increase takeout out orders by using online ordering and attracting Millennials who, for convenience, turn to their handheld devices to meet all their needs, from buying music to buying food. They feel it saves them time and money, and in most cases, it does.  Millennialsare those born between 1982 and 2000.  They now number over 83 million and represent more than one quarter of the nation’s population. Even more interesting is that their size now exceeds that of the 75.4 million baby boomers, according to new U.S. Census Bureau estimates.  Attracting and winning repeat business from millennials is clearly one of the important online ordering benefits for restaurants.

Millennials Like Apps and Online Ordering is No Exception

According to a 2017 US Mobile App Report released by comScore, the smartphone dominates for 18 to 24 year olds, who spend an amazing 2/3rd of their digital media time on smartphone apps alone. While they aren’t known for having deep pockets, Millennials just love their apps,so restaurants need to incorporate one or more free online ordering apps into their strategy. Roughly 64% of 18 to 34 year olds have paid to download an app in the past year, and nearly 1 out of 5 paid to download an average of at least one app every month. Facebook is still the number 1 most used app based on monthly users 147 MM based on June 2017 statistics. 

Many of today’s most fast-growing apps are marketplaces or services that are thriving due to network effects with Waze, WhatsApp and Uber being among the top such apps. Millennials prove to be the most engaged, sophisticated and addicted users of apps. While they love social and entertainment apps, they are also extremely reliant on more functional apps, so food ordering apps are a natural fit for them and one of the online ordering benefits for restaurants that use an app like Takeout Rocket.

If restaurants want to stay competitive with the millennial generation, they need to offer online ordering and digital payments.  Takeout Rocket’s online ordering platform provides easy online payment solutions. Millennials frequently spend money on shopping and eating out. A study conducted by the Food Institute analyzing data from the United States Department of Agriculture shows that 44% of those dollars are spent on dining out.

Don’t Make Online Ordering Companies Your Grubby Silent Partner

Using an online ordering app that charges 15% to 30% of the order will reduce your restaurant’s profit margins, so compare online ordering services before you sign up with a company that will charge you a percentage. No sense doing all that extra work and having to pay out a large portion to your silent partner. If your restaurant’s profit margin is 30% and you are paying out 15% of each order, that means on a $100 order you are paying out $15.00 of your $30 profit. Whether you realize it or not, you have a 50% silent partner you have to pay 50% of your profit to on those online orders. What doesn’t make much sense is most of those orders are probably your regular customers. Why should you have to pay 50% of your profits for a simple online ordering app, IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

Takeout Rocket’s $49.99 and $29.99 monthly plans offer restaurants a much better option and provide marketing and social media to increase your orders without you having you pay a percentage. Stop paying percentage based fees and start converting your customers over to Takeout Rocket.

Savings Example:  If a restaurant is paying 15% per order and doing $3,000 per month in takeout ordering, they are paying $450 per month (plus credit card processing costs), so with the $49.95 Standard Plan, Takeout Rocket would be saving the restaurant $400 per month or close to $5,000 per year, which is a huge savings.

Using a software app like Takeout Rocket, that doesn’t charge 15% to 30% like its competitors, can help increase your restaurants profits. We consider ourselves the best GrubHub alternative not just because of our low monthly price, but also because we do marketing and provide in-store promotional materials to help restaurants increase their takeout orders.

Takeout Rocket Increases Profit Margins with a Low Monthly Flat Rate

Takeout Rocket’s monthly flat rate pricing means you know what you are paying and you don’t have to share your profits with a silent partner. By comparing online ordering benefits for restaurants,  it is easy to see that a low flat rate monthly fee of $49.99 which includes marketing and promotion to increase orders will beat a percentage based program every time. It is much easier to increase your profit margin with a flat rate payment than a percentage based rate that fluctuates each month and even requires you to pay more to get placed on the first or second page of their restaurant list for your city or town. Try Takeout Rocket for three months and we are certain you will want to convert your online ordering to us to increase you profits.

Online Ordering Made Easy with Takeout Rocket

Customers look for the easiest and most convenient way possible to place their orders. Takeout Rocket provides restaurants with the best online ordering solutions for desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Make sure your customers have a choice when it comes to placing their takeout orders. The Takeout Rocket app is free to download for restaurant customers, and restaurants can benefit from Takeout Rocket’s great features for one low monthly price.

Social Media Online Ordering Benefits for Restaurants

Social media can help drive restaurant sales, if done properly.  Most restaurants don’t have the time or skills to effectively use social media marketing to increase their online orders. Takeout Rocket’s online ordering app is easy to use and we provide social media posts, push notifications via text messaging and in-store marketing materials to increase a restaurant’s sales.

Takeout Rocket implements online ordering onto a restaurant’s Facebook page. This helps monetize a restaurant’s relationship with its customers. Customers like to spend time on a restaurant’s Facebook page checking out posts and pictures, after all, who doesn’t like pictures of food and people enjoying themselves at the local restaurant. Restaurants understand this Facebook trend and Takeout Rocket is happy to provide restaurants the ability to offer online ordering to Facebook’s users directly from a restaurant’s Facebook page, which is a huge selling point. Another one of the online ordering benefits for restaurants is that an online customer is more likely to re-order within 60 days than a walk-in customer, simply because the platform is more accessible and easier to use than making a call to the restaurant to place an order.

How to Take Advantage of Online Ordering Benefits for Restaurants

As we have explained above, there are numerous online ordering benefits for restaurants that choose to use an easy, cost effective, online ordering solution like Takeout Rocket. The biggest disadvantage to restaurant’s is when they use a percentage based service that cuts into net profits, especially when most of those online orders are from repeat customers. If your restaurant is paying a percentage based fee on every order, let Takeout Rocket help decrease your costs and increase your profits.