Online Ordering Cost Comparison for Restaurants

We help owners save money by doing an online ordering cost comparison for restaurants to see how much they are paying monthly and comparing that to their profit margin. Percentage based online ordering solutions may seem like a good idea, but if a restaurant is not watching their numbers, those percentage based fees can take a big cut out of net profits and overall profitability. Check your most recent statement and see if you are paying more than 5% for online ordering, and if you are, you are paying too much. After all, you wouldn’t pay 5% for credit card processing, so why pay more for online ordering software when you have other options like Takeout Rocket.

Takeout Rocket Online Ordering Made Easy!

Online Ordering Made Easy!

Two Plans $49.99 per month or $29.99 per month

The cost savings to restaurants with either Takeout Rocket plan is tremendous. Our two pricing plans are loaded with features to increase your restaurant business. One recent restaurant we spoke with was looking to use a competitor and learned that the competitor was going to charge 10% of the order amount plus $5 dollars per order. On a $30 order that is $8.00 or 26% percent.   If a restaurant has a 30% profit margin that means they make $9.00 on that $30 order, but have to pay out $8.00.  So the restaurant only makes $1.00 on a $30 order; basically the restaurant has a silent partner taking over 80% of the restaurant’s net profit.

What makes things even worse is that most online orders are coming from the restaurants regular customers. Paying out high percentage based fees means you have made your online ordering company your silent partner which reduces your profits. Our team does an online ordering cost comparison for restaurants, to show them how much they are paying out of their net profits and how much we can save them.

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Low cost white stamp text on blueblackMany online ordering systems charge a percentage of each order. Based on a number of confusing factors like page placement and how the order comes in and from what link, the restaurant can be paying from 10% to 30%. So a restaurant doing $20,000 in online orders to go is paying between $2,000 and $6,000 for simple online ordering. A simple online ordering cost comparison for restaurants, using the restaurants actual numbers, can show the stark reality of how much net profits are being reduced.

It seems quite unfair the restaurant should have to pay even 5% for simple online ordering software and online marketing to have its regular customers place orders. Takeout Rocket takes a different approach and has two monthly plans that save restaurants money and reduce their online ordering costs. Feel free to contact us to get a free cost comparison to find out what we can save you in monthly online ordering costs. You may be surprised at how much you are paying and how much Takeout Rocket can save you.

Save money sign red and white with dollar signsTakeout Rocket advises all size restaurants, including cafes, diners, bistros, quick serve restaurants, and even fine dining establishments by providing an online ordering cost comparison for restaurants to show them how much can be saved by switching to Takeout Rocket. A simple comparison in black and white can show a restaurant the true savings we offer.

Competitors – Online Ordering Cost Comparison for Restaurants

Amazon is expected to be charging restaurants 27.5% of each order, which is even more than the 12% to 24% that Grubhub and Seamless charge restaurants for food orders; a rate that is already seen by many small restaurants as punishing. Other online competitors in the industry such as, DoorDash, Postmates and Caviar charge 15% to 23%. Source:

Simple math shows that if a restaurant pays 15% on $3,000 of monthly online orders it is paying out $450, while Takeout Rocket charges a flat rate of $49.99 per month. That’s a $400 savings!

Expensive Online Marketing – Online Ordering Cost Comparison for Restaurants

We understand that some restaurants use several different online ordering services because they want the online marketing exposure they think it will bring them and the extra revenue. Online marketing has never been easier with social media apps, search engine optimization and online reviews. Takeout Rocket includes strategic marketing for each restaurant as part of its monthly plans.  The restaurants really need to check their numbers to understand that although they may be increasing their takeout ordering gross revenue, they are probably barely breaking even because of the high online ordering costs they are paying.

If you are having trouble understanding the numbers, you may want to check with your bookkeeper or accountant to have them help you understand the numbers and do an online ordering cost comparison for restaurants. Just use Takeout Rocket’s monthly rate of $49.99 to compare against your current monthly takeout ordering costs. Overpaying for online ordering software and some internet marketing can hurt your bottom line.  Takeout Rocket provides each restaurant with marketing as part of its monthly plan, and feels those marketing services are as good as if not better than most our competitors.