Online Ordering Cost Comparison

Businesses that sell a product or service online should do an online ordering cost comparison to see how much they are paying in relation to their profit margin. Obviously the higher percentage rate a restaurant is paying for its online ordering solution the more it is cutting into the restaurants net profits and overall profitability. Check your most recent statement to see if you are paying more than you should be for online ordering software.

Takeout Rocket Online Ordering Made Easy!

Online Ordering Made Easy!

Takeout Rocket often advises businesses and does an online ordering cost comparison for restaurants to show them how much can be saved by switching to Takeout Rocket for their online ordering. Sometimes a simple comparison in black and white can show a restaurant the true savings we offer.

Many online ordering systems like GrubHub, Seamless and Eat24 charge a percentage of each order, usually between 10% and 30%, based on a number of factors. So restaurants doing $10,000 in online orders to go, are paying between $1,000 and $3,000 for an online ordering service, which is a relatively simple software program. The unfortunate part is that a good percentage of $10,000 in online orders is in many cases actually coming from the restaurants regular customers.

Online Ordering Cost Comparison: Percentage Fee vs. Fixed Price

Restaurants paying 10% on every $1,000 of online ordering are paying $100 per $1,000.

Takeout Rocket charges $49.99 per month, so on $3,000 a restaurant is saving $250.

If a restaurant is paying 10% on $5,000 of online ordering that is $500, so Takeout Rocket saves them $450 per month.

But Wait, it Gets Even Worse!

Confused and dismayedWe used 10% as a comparison number but in fact the average percentage is much higher. Also, it seems quite unfair the restaurant should have to pay 10% or more for simple online ordering software to have its regular customers place orders. Takeout Rocket takes a different approach and has two monthly plans that save restaurants money and helps them reduce their online ordering monthly costs. Feel free to contact Takeout Rocket to get a free cost comparison to find out what we can save you in monthly online ordering costs. We even put together a comparison chart to show what our competition is charging.

Click Here for an Online Ordering Cost Comparison Chart

Is 30% Really Worth it?

GrubHub and Seamless charge an average commission of 13.5% for restaurant orders placed through their websites and apps. To generate more revenue GrubHub and Seamless charge restaurants more to appear higher in search results on listing pages, sometimes as high as 30%, but the “… algorithm that ranks restaurants on the websites and mobile apps can seem mysterious.” Source:   Nothing like a complicated pricing structure to confuse restaurants and make it unclear what they are really paying.  Online ordering is not Rocket Science, so why pay exorbitant fees like it is?

We understand that some restaurants use several different online ordering services because they want the exposure they think it will bring them and the extra revenue. The restaurants really need to check their numbers though because what can happen is that they increase their takeout ordering revenue but barely break even because of the high online ordering costs they are paying.

Do the math and compare; See How Much Takeout Rocket Can Save You

If you are having trouble understanding the numbers, you may want to check with your bookkeeper or accountant to have them help you understand the numbers and do an online ordering cost comparison. Just use Takeout Rocket’s monthly rate of $49.99 to compare against your current monthly takeout ordering costs. Overpaying for online ordering software and some internet marketing can hurt your bottom line.  Takeout Rocket provides each restaurant with marketing as part of its monthly plan, and feels those marketing services are as good as if not better than most our competitors.

We are the Better Choice.

Takeout Rocket Doesn’t Play Pricing Games!

We don’t believe in a percentage based fee for our services like most of our competitors. We have two simple, straightforward pricing plans and great features.

Our Standard Plan at $49.99 per month provides over 100 social media posts per month, as well as additional advertising and marketing for your restaurant, and requires all takeout orders to be processed through our online credit card processing partner.

Our Premium Plan is actually priced lower at $29.99 per month and provides over 200 social media posts per month, as well as additional advertising and marketing for your restaurant, but requires all orders of the restaurant to be processed through our credit card processing partner.

When it comes to processing, we feel our rates are competitively priced. Give us a call and see how we stack up against the competition. We’ll even do an online ordering cost comparison to show you in black and white how much we can save you monthly.

Free Marketing Materials, Push Notifications and Social Mediamarketing image

When you sign with Takeout Rocket, we provide you with decals, a free app for your customers to download at the App Store or Google Play, instore displays and push notifications sent via text messaging to help increase your online ordering business. We will also send out hundreds of social media posts through various social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to promote your restaurant, specials or holiday reminders. We will do our best to drive traffic to your online ordering page to increase your orders. We go that extra mile for our restaurant clients. The best way we know how to do that is to provide a great service at a great price.

Keeping it Simple

We like to keep it simple, because we know how hard people work to survive in the restaurant industry. Our goal is not only to provide a less expensive online ordering program for your restaurant, but to also provide a service that is considered the best in its class. That is why we offer this online ordering cost comparison. After all, what good is an expensive software program if it eats up most of your net profit and charges you the same percentage whether the order is placed from a new customer or one of your regular customers. That’s why we feel we are the best GrubHub alternative for restaurants, but also any other competitors as well.

Next time you get your bill from your current online ordering company, take a hard look at how much you are paying simply to have online ordering as a convenience. Do an online ordering cost comparison.  If you are paying more than 5% overall, you are paying too much. Feel free to contact us about any questions you may have or about finding out more about how we can help you save money.