Online Ordering for Restaurants

Takeout Rocket provides what we feel is the best online ordering for restaurants. In order to make that claim, we made sure our software could easily deliver those features the other systems delivered, yet be one of the lowest priced takeout ordering systems on the market. After all, what good is a system that is too expense and complicated to use? Based on feedback from our restaurant clients we created Takeout Rocket – Online Ordering Made Easy.

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Key Features of Online Ordering for Restaurants

Restaurants Save Money with Takeout Rocket

Some companies that offer online ordering for restaurants charge 10% to 30% of the order. This is extremely expensive when you consider some restaurants work with very low profit margins of 20% to 30%. Our competitors that charge based on a percentage are taking a big bite out of the profit margins of restaurants for just a simple software app. The service they are providing really isn’t worth a 10% to 3% cut.  We know of other competitors that are charging a flat rate of $200 or more per month to be on desktop, Android and Apple platforms, not counting credit card processing fees. Again, we offer a comparable service, if not better than most, at a fraction of what our competitors are charging using straightforward pricing with bundled features.

Two Simple Pricing Plans

As part of our model to provide the best online ordering for restaurants, we came up with a simple pricing format using just two pricing plans loaded with features. That’s right, just two plans with almost the same features and same great service.

Difference between the Premium Plan and Standard Plan

The difference between the two plans is that the Premium Plan at $29.99 per month provides over 500 social media posts per month, but requires that all of the restaurant’s credit card processing (takeout and dine-in) be handled by a processor designated by Takeout Rocket. We do not allow the processing to go through PayPal on either the Premium Plan or Standard Plan and feel our pricing is competitively priced.

With Takeout Rocket, online ordering for restaurants has never been easier and more cost efficient.

These two plans apply to all restaurants whether they are cafes, diners, bistros, pizza parlors, fine dining, full-service restaurants (FSRs), fast casual or quick-service restaurants (QSRs).Comparing prices shows how much restaurants can save with Takeout Rocket. If a restaurant is paying 15% per order and doing $3,000 per month in takeout ordering, they are paying $450 per month (plus credit card processing costs), so if they use Takeout Rocket’s $49.99 plan the restaurant would be saving $400 per month or close to $5,000 per year, which is an incredible savings. For bigger, higher volume restaurants, the savings are even more.

Ease of Use; It’s Not Rocket Science!

We made sure it was easy to use for anyone, whether they wanted to order from a desktop computer, Android or iPhone. By the way, we include our Android and iPhone apps at no additional charge to the restaurant, even though some of our competitors charge separately for each app. After all, a la carte pricing should be reserved for restaurants, not software companies. The easier to use and the less steps a customer has to take to place an order, the more they will come back to the same app and reorder from their favorite restaurants. Customers expect prompt service inside the restaurant and they expect nothing less when trying to use an app to place an order for takeout when their time is limited.

Social Media Marketing Included at No Additional Cost

Next our team included social media marketing, a flashy logo and marketing materials to help promote our clients’ businesses with the goal of increasing orders. Our social media marketing plan helps promote the overall business of the restaurant, not just online orders. No one can control when customers are in the mood or have the time to eat at the restaurant, so we simply promote the restaurant and its food. Customers can use the app for ordering when they want. Busy restaurants have little time to spend time on social media and we have them covered. We send out hundreds of social media posts each month for each restaurant client.

Restaurants today really can’t ignore social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Customers can quickly forget you, especially if your competitors are getting their attention through social media. The restaurant industry by its nature is “social”. Failure to get noticed on social media and remind customers to visit again, translates into lost sales and missed opportunities for restaurants. Competitors are happy to use social media to their advantage, so Takeout Rocket helps restaurants get the word out to new and existing customers.

Many of our restaurant clients just don’t have the time or skills to effectively use social media effectively.  Well we do, and not only that, but we provide marketing materials at no additional charge as part of our two monthly plans.

Our team works closely with restaurants to give them the personal attention they need.  We want them to succeed and grow their business. Takeout Rocket’s goal is to decrease their costs for online ordering and help them to increase the number of takeout orders they do each month. The Takeout Rocket team works hard to ensure its online ordering for restaurants is the best in its class. We work hard to keep all our restaurant clients happy.

Takeout Rocket Provides Bundled Services that Include Marketing and Mobile Push Notifications

A recent study conducted by Retail Me Not showed that tech evolves too quickly for most marketers to keep up. Over 50% of retailers say the technology used in mobile marketing evolves too quickly for their company to keep pace.

Businesses understand that partnerships with various marketers or online ordering companies can be extremely beneficial, which is why Takeout Rocket came up with bundled service pricing . Challenges still exist for small businesses trying to compete with larger business that use mobile marketing campaigns to promote discounts and special offers.

As part of its bundled services Takeout Rocket provides mobile marketing push notifications to help promote a restaurant’s business. More than nine in 10 retailers partnering with social media or e-commerce and mobile-promotions companies say their efforts are effective. Over seven in 10 say these mobile marketing efforts see above-average ROI. More than 80 percent of retailers that used partner platforms to issue mobile promotions said they received above-average ROI, up from 66 percent of retailers in 2016. (Source:

Our Passion

At Takeout Rocket, the restaurant industry is our passion. With a background in merchant solutions, technology, web development and social media marketing, co-founders Joe and Lou have may restaurants as their valued customers. Over the years they have provided them with unparalleled service and pricing for their businesses.

Based on the demands and feedback they were getting from their customers, establishing online ordering for restaurants became the next logical step. After examining the competition, what they were offering and what they were charging, they were shocked at how much software companies were charging for a simple online ordering for restaurants.  Understanding the needs of the restaurant industry, pricing and features Joe and Lou constructed online ordering software to offer small, large and multi-location restaurants nationwide. Feel free to contact them to discuss any questions you may have.