Online Ordering

There are many choices today for businesses that are looking for an online ordering program for their restaurant. Most of the online ordering software and apps for restaurants are expensive, even though the software is quite simple and some software companies don’t even offer social media or marketing as part of their monthly fee. Takeout ordering software for restaurants can be very expensive since most companies, except for Takeout Rocket, will charge between 10% and 30% of each order plus credit card processing fees.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Other software companies that are not percentage based have high monthly fees and charge restaurants extra for iPhone and Android apps. Restaurants think they are getting a low monthly rate, but soon find out there are so many extras for iPhone and Android apps, social media marketing, in-store promotional materials and advertising they end up paying $200 to $300 for all the extras.

Takeout Rocket provides the best online ordering for restaurants and keeps it simple with a $49.99 Standard Plan and a $29.99 Premium Plan that includes iPhone and Android apps, social media marketing, in-store promotional materials and advertising.

Are you online as it will need a website and possibly a shopping cart if you are selling multiple items and operating like an online retail store. If you are not tech savvy web developer integrate the software into your website and payment platform.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing Online Ordering Software

What will it cost you monthly? Paying More than 5% or $100 is Too Much.

Make sure you carefully scrutinize what is the actual monthly cost of the ordering software. Many companies will not fully disclosed all with various costs and charges to restaurants and it is only after signing up at the restaurant realizes they must pay for extras will be charged a higher percentage of sales in they were originally led to believe.

You shouldn’t have to pay more than 5% or $100.00 monthly for online ordering, just for your regular customers to place an order?

Also, after you sign up and you get your first monthly statement, carefully scrutinize it to see exactly how much you are really paying based on the fees as represented to you when you originally signed up for their service. If you are paying more than 5% for online ordering software from companies like GrubHub, Eat24, Seamless, and others, you are paying too much for just a simple software program. Most of your customers ordering online are probably even your regular customers.

You wouldn’t pay more than 5% for credit card processing, so why would you pay more than 5% for online ordering software?

Don’t be fooled by online services that say they are for “FREE”, because they offer very little and won’t even connect you to online paying through PayPal or your processor without charging you for that service, which we do for free. We checked one free service and found that they were charging over $100 per month for the payment gateway connection, a mobile app and marketing. So much for free.

We found another service that charges a flat $1.25 per order and when we ran the numbers, it actually turned out to be quite expensive and they offered very little in terms of features and promoting the restaurant.  If your restaurant does over 150 takeout orders per month then that is still $187.50 per month for an inferior service without the online ordering features we provide for one flat rate.

Are Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android Included in the Monthly Fee or Extra?
Takeout Rocket does not charge extra for Mobile apps.

Many software companies quote a low introductory fee and only allow your customers to place orders through the web without having mobile apps to work on iPhone and Android smartphones. Restaurant owners and managers have too much to worry about without software companies playing games on pricing. Make sure you understand exactly what features are included in what the monthly fees actually cover. There is no reason to be paying extra for mobile apps or other features. Look for an online ordering service like Takeout Rocket that charges one monthly fee and covers all the bases.

Does the Online Ordering Software Company Help You Increase Your Sales?

Most restaurants just don’t have the time to spend on social media and marketing to effectively increase sales and rely mainly on location and word-of-mouth recommendations in the community. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are social media platforms that restaurants really need to pay attention to and compete with other restaurants in their area. If you’re online ordering software company does not help you increase sales then you may have to hire someone to help with your social media marketing, which is yet another monthly expense.

Takeout Rocket sends out hundreds of social media posts with images and also provides in-store marketing materials to its restaurant clients to help them increase their sales. Takeout Rocket does this at no additional expense other than its monthly fee of $49.99 for the standard plan and $29.99 words premium plan. The only thing we charge extra for is a one-time $150 hardware fee for our tablet so you can monitor orders as they come in and a onetime POS integration fee if you would like Takeout Rocket integrated into your POS system (contact us for details).

Takeout Rocket provides online ordering software, social media marketing and in-store promotional materials all at one low monthly price.

                     Takeout Rocket provides online ordering software, social media marketing and in-store promotional materials all at one low monthly price.

Ideally, you want to use a software company that also helps increase your sales as well. Software, apps, bots and scheduling software is constantly evolving to make our lives easier, so don’t be afraid of the technology. Spend time understanding what technology is available for your business and embrace it. If you don’t have the time or skills, the next best thing would be to use an online ordering software company like Takeout Rocket that also provides social media marketing and promotional materials all for one low monthly price.

Go Online and Look at Reviews

Usually you can find reviews from customers on just about any software application. Can you find any legitimate complaints related to the software you’re looking to use? Sometimes complaints can be related to extra features and fees that customers thought were either part of the monthly fee or so basic to functionality they should not have been charged extra. Software companies love to have a low cost plan and then upsell you and charge your more for features that should have been included in the first place, so be suspicious.

Don’t agree to a one year or multiyear term. You should try out the system for a few months first before agreeing to any long-term commitment even if they offer you better pricing. Takeout Rocket has two very simple pricing plans and doesn’t charge extra for things like online marketing, promotional materials, and mobile apps for iPhone and Android. We want to develop long term relationships with restaurants, reduce costs for online ordering for restaurants and help increase a restaurant’s sales.

What is the Implementation or Integration Cost of the Online Ordering System?

While it may be okay to pay a reasonable hardware and set up fee, is not a good idea to go with the system that would require you to hire a tech or web-developer and pay $300 or more to set up the software and online menu. You should  not be required to hire a web developer or programmer to set up the online ordering software you choose. If the software company will set up the system at a reasonable cost then that is fine. Using the software company to set up the system for a reasonable fee is probably worth using them for set up because it will likely be cheaper and faster than doing it yourself or having to hire someone that has not installed or worked with that software before.

Integrating online ordering into your POS system is a good idea, but again, be sure it does not cost you hundreds of dollars to do the integration. Also, in addition to paying for integration into your POS system does it carry an additional monthly fee? Many POS systems charge $50 or more monthly for the online app, in addition to the monthly POS software cost. They do not even provide you with any online marketing, in-store promotional materials, an iPhone app or an Android app. Depending on the POS system you use Takeout Rocket can handle the integration for you, and our integration fee is typically $100 or less.