Do you have silent partners?
If your restaurant pays a percentage for online ordering, you do!

Restaurants that sign up with Takeout Rocket receive premium features at a fraction of the price charged by its competitors.

Premium Plan


Per Month
  • Web based ordering app for customers to place orders
  • Ordering dashboard
  • Unlimited orders
  • iOS ordering app for customers to place orders
  • Android ordering app for customers to place orders
  • iOS & Android orders manager apps to accept and reject new orders
  • Push notifications on your smart phone or tablet to update order progress, notify customers of specials or promote a discount or coupon
  • Ordering product and cart enhancements
  • Ordering menu description enhancements
  • Driver app for delivery tracking
  • Order Using Facebook Login
  • Customers Can Share Orders On Social Media Networks
  • Over 200 Monthly Social Media Posts
  • In-Store Promotional Marketing Materials
  • Requirements

    All online orders received through Takeout Rocket as well as in-store restaurant orders must be processed through Takeout Rocket’s designated credit card processor.


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