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At Takeout Rocket we want to provide the best takeout ordering software available. Our team works closely with our restaurant clients to give them the personal attention they need.  We want them to succeed and grow their business. One way to do that is to decrease their costs for takeout ordering and help them to increase the number of takeout orders they do each month.

takeout ordering software

Ordering from restaurants with the Takeout Rocket app is easy.

Not all restaurants are the same when it comes to takeout ordering. The right approach is necessary for the right outcome. Each restaurant has specific needs, but they all share a few basic characteristics that we learned from listening to our existing and potential restaurant clients. We know that in order to maximize the success of our takeout ordering software for our clients, we needed to shape our solutions in a way that provides a superior service, but at a low cost to the restaurant.

Our main focus is on providing the best pricing and service possible to our merchant clients. Most small business owners have seen their fair share of ups and downs, and by providing them options and solutions, it makes their work day a bit easier. We take the mystery out of the whole process and keep it simple.

Our key to the best takeout ordering software service:

►        Cost savings to the Restaurant using a flat monthly rate ($49.99 or $29.99 plan; plus applicable taxes)

►        Ease of use for the Restaurant and Customer (Android/Apple/Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)

►        Free social media and push notifications to help increase takeout orders and even dining in orders from new and existing customers of a Restaurant

Cost Savings

Some of our competitors use a percentage based model and are charging in the range of 15% to 30% per takeout order, practically making them a silent partner. Many restaurants have a 20 to 30% profit margin, so this payment structure is very expensive. One has to wonder is the service they are providing really worth a 15 to 30% cut?  Other competitors charge a flat rate of $200 or more per month to be on desktop, Android and Apple platforms, not counting credit card processing fees.  Our competitors advertise that they have a low monthly fee, but when restaurants realize they are not getting all the features they need, they see they are getting very little for the advertised rate. Restaurants then find out that to be on web, Android and Apple platforms it is three times the rate that was quoted.

We knew there was a real need for better takeout ordering software at a reasonable price so we decided on using a simple price planTakeout Rocket charges restaurants $49.99 per month, plus credit card processing fees on takeout orders which must go through a processor designated by Takeout Rocket. We also have a $29.99 per month plan for restaurants if they put all their credit card processing (takeout and dine-in) through a processor designated by Takeout Rocket.

These two plans apply to all restaurants whether they are fine dining, full-service restaurants (FSRs), fast casual or quick-service restaurants (QSRs). Just to put things in perspective, if a restaurant is paying 15% per order and doing $3,000 per month in takeout ordering, they are paying $450 per month (plus credit card processing costs), so at the $49.99 plan Takeout Rocket would be saving the restaurant $400 per month or close to $5,000 per year, which is an incredible savings.

For bigger, higher volume business, a restaurant paying 15% per order doing $5,000 per month in takeout ordering is paying $750 per month, so at the $49.99 plan Takeout Rocket would be saving the restaurant $700 per month or close to $8,500 per year, which is a tremendous cost saving benefit and improvement to net profit.

Ease of Use

Keeping not only the restaurant in mind, but also the customer, we wanted to implement takeout ordering software for restaurants that would be easy to use. “It’s not Rocket Science”, not for us anyway, lol. So we made sure our takeout ordering software platform could be used by customers whether they were at home on their desktop, laptop or tablet.

Also, we wanted to make sure people working late or on the go could use their iPhone or Android smart phone to order takeout while on the run. What we came up with was a very simple model with the goal of being best in its class.

Free social media to help increase takeout orders

Last, but not least, we know the importance of exposure and how that can increase a restaurant’s business. Having helped develop a social media scheduling app with some friends in Ireland and the UK, we decided to integrate that social media software into our model as well as a few other ideas we felt would help restaurants with increased order flow.

With the right tools at our finger tips we saw an opportunity to provide a valuable service to the restaurant industry. Some of our competitors don’t even assist restaurants with marketing or promotion, and some that do charge extra for those services or only promote discount deals, costing the restaurant even more in lost revenue.

It is difficult to be a restaurant and ignore social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and especially Instagram. We not only see the importance of these channels, but understand most restaurants just don’t have the time or skills to effectively use them.  Well we do, and not only that, but we provide marketing efforts for no additional charge as part of our two monthly plans.

Our Passion

At Takeout Rocket, the restaurant and food and beverage industries are our passion. With a background in merchant solutions, technology, web development and social media marketing, co-founders Joe and Lou count a good number of restaurants as their valued customers. Over the years they have provided them with unparalleled service and pricing for their businesses.

Based on the demands and feedback they were getting from their customers, establishing a takeout ordering software company became the next logical step. After conducting deep market research on restaurant industry needs, pricing and features we constructed a premium takeout ordering software package to offer small, large and multi-location restaurants nationwide. We hope you become one of our valued restaurant clients and look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs.

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