Tips for Restaurants to Reduce Online Ordering Costs

Here are some tips for restaurants to reduce online ordering costs. The days of paying more than 5% for online ordering software are gone, even though some restaurants are still paying 15% to 30%. Takeout Rocket offers two pricing plans to greatly reduce the cost of online ordering for restaurants, while at the same time providing features comparable to, if not better than, what some of the percentage based software companies offer. We offer two plans at $49.99 and $29.99 per month; each offer exceptional value. These are bundled plans that provide over 300 social media marketing posts per month and in-store marketing materials to promote your restaurant and instore marketing materials. 

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Bundled Services for One Monthly Fee

Takeout Rocket sets up a link on the restaurant’s own website, or if they don’t have one, we can use their Facebook page so that customers can click the link and order. Restaurants need to build their restaurant brand name, rather than relying on GrubHub, Seamless Eat24 and others.  Restaurant brand building has never been easier to do, and with Takeout Rocket, we do most of the work for you. We provide each restaurant with hundreds of social media posts each month to help promote their brand and promote online ordering. Depending on which social media platforms the restaurant is currently using, in addition to sending traffic to the online ordering page, we can send traffic to their Facebook page, restaurant website, Instagram or even Pinterest. Using a bundled services pricing plan is one of the great tips for restaurants to reduce online ordering costs.

We also provide in-store marketing and promotional materials at no additional cost, unlike some of our competitors that charge extra for that service. Our restaurant clients also benefit from push notification promotions we send out via text messaging, as well as in-store promotional materials. These features are all part of the bundled features we include in our monthly package at no extra cost. We don’t believe in charge separately for various features that should be free in the first place; à la carte pricing should be reserved for restaurants.

Limit the Number of Online Ordering Systems You Use

While some restaurants will sign up with several online ordering companies because they think they need all that online exposure, they don’t realize they are diluting their restaurant’s name, and more importantly, most of their business is simply repeat business from their regular customers. Studies show an interesting statistic, an online customer is more likely to re-order within 60 days than a walk-in customer.

Basically GrubHub and other percentage based apps are just very expensive restaurant apps, since they charge 15% to 30% so your regular customers can re-order.

Why are restaurants overpaying for an app?  IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! You wouldn’t pay 10% for credit card processing software so why pay 10% or more for simple online ordering app?

Cutting Costs as conceptIf most of your online ordering is repeat business, then you don’t need to use three or four online ordering services. Slowly break away from those percentage based systems and have your customers use a flat rate online ordering system that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Takeout Rocket charges a flat rate of $49.99 or $29.99 per month, so if your restaurant does $4,000 per month through Takeout Rocket you won’t get charged $400 or more like you are probably paying now. Based on those numbers, your restaurant will save over $4,000 per year with Takeout Rocket.

Protecting Your Net Profits

If you are using a percentage based service you may not realize how much this is actually cutting into your profit margins and net profits unless you really analyze the numbers and do the math. Let Takeout Rocket put more money in your pocket.

Online Ordering by the Numbers

EXAMPLE: If a customer places an online order for $30 and your restaurant has a 30% profit margin on average and you have to pay an online ordering company 15% (equal to $4.50), you are giving up almost 50% of your $9.00 profit to your silent partner, a software company with a simple online ordering app. That online ordering app is not worth 50% of your profits. Check the numbers against your restaurant’s true profit margin to see how much of your profit you are really giving up. Takeout Rocket’s standard monthly rate is $49.99 per month. We are sure you will be impressed with the savings we can deliver by reducing online ordering costs for your restaurant and providing you with bundled features as good as that of any of our competitors.

Reducing Your Online Ordering Costs of Credit Card Processing

Whether you are a small or large restaurant, one location or multi-location, we hope these tips for restaurants to reduce online ordering costs will help you increase your profits. Another way to cut costs is to reduce your online processing costs, especially if customers are paying you through PayPal.  PayPal standard fees are 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction.

If your restaurant sells most of its orders at say $30.00, that means you are paying $1.17 to PayPal per transaction, which equals 3.9% and is quite high as merchant processing rates go.  If you sell most of your products at $20.00 you are paying $.88 to PayPal per transaction, which equals 4.4% and is very high to be paying for credit card processing.  Takeout Rocket does not use PayPal for its restaurant customers. We offer competitive rates when it comes to merchant processing and we provide bundled services as part of our online package to help restaurants increase their takeout orders.

Just Say No to Percentage Based Fees

Probably the best one of the tips for restaurants to reduce online ordering costs we can offer is no matter what online ordering program or software company you go with, don’t agree to a percentage-based fee of your sales. When you agree to a percentage-based fee you are making the software company your silent partner that takes its profit off the top.