Tips on Promoting Your Restaurant with Instagram

Here are a few helpful tips on promoting your restaurant with Instagram. While Takeout Rocket provides free social media posts, push notifications via text messaging and marketing materials to its restaurant clients, we provide much more.  Our team also provides helpful information to restaurants on improving their business, increasing sales, reducing costs, takeout ordering, online ordering and restaurant promotion and marketing. Our online ordering for restaurant plans provide bundled features at an affordable price and great features to promote your restaurant.

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Leveraging your Instagram Posts on Facebook

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and the business accounts and advertising abilities on these two powerful platforms are integrated. If you haven’t set up a Facebook business profile, you should set one up before getting started with Instagram because you will get more leverage by posting on Instagram and sharing to your Facebook business page.

Use of Hashtags – Use Them Efficiently, but Sparingly

According to an article by Adespresso, using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram makes a big difference and puts your content in front of people who probably want to see it. By choosing the proper hashtags you are more likely to find new users you may not have otherwise.  

Evidently Facebook users rarely use hashtags, so think twice before using them on Facebook. Also, check the terms of use on any social media platform you may use to promote your restaurant to make sure you are following the rules and etiquette of that particular platform. It is best to follow social media rules along with these tips on promoting your restaurant with Instagram.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (and Conveys the Message Much Faster)

Instagram is a visual platform and friends and family just love sharing pictures, especially pictures of food.  Restaurants should not exclusively post pictures of just food though.  Think of ways to promote your restaurant using photos and videos of people enjoying themselves, smiling, laughing, celebrating a birthday or anniversary or having a romantic moment in your restaurant. Also, maybe you can convey the ambiance of your restaurant through pictures of the dining room and friendly wait staff. Of course, your posts should be consistent with your social marketing strategy. Have a goal or common theme and make sure everything you post on Instagram supports that goal when you are using these tips on promoting your restaurant with Instagram. you should also select one or two other social media platforms and follow our tips on how to promote your Facebook page.

Reward your Customers Who Follow Your Restaurant on Social Media

Special Offer promotion and advertisementEngagement on social media is important, but small restaurants have very limited time and most of them post or monitor their social media accounts very infrequently. Takeout Rocket helps with posting and marketing through various social media platforms, but it is important for restaurant owners and managers to monitor social media to respond to bad reviews in a professional manner and to thank customers that post great reviews.

Coupons, discount codes and promotions exclusive to social media followers are a great way to promote your restaurant and reward customers. If you want to promote your restaurant on slow Tuesdays, consider giving a 10% discount on Tuesdays through a code only available in an Instagram social media post.  Make sure they can use the discount code when they order online or dine in, you want to have both bases covered. Using these tips on promoting your restaurant with Instagram will not only help increase your sales, but will even help you earn some new customers.

Add your Restaurant Location to Instagram Photos

When you are drafting an Instagram post within the app, you have the option of selecting “Add Location” to put in the address of your restaurant. This identifies the name of your business with the photo, allows followers to see other photos taken at your restaurant (which could include posts by you and your customers), and see the location of your restaurant on a map.

Right below the “Add Location” prompt you will see a list of five nearby locations which you can scroll though. If you don’t see the name of your restaurant, click the “Search” button or “Add Location” button for more listed business names.

If you still can’t find your business, you may need to add the location to Instagram—but you need to use the Facebook app for iPhone, iPad or Android. (It’s another of the integrations between the two platforms.) From your Facebook News Feed on a mobile device, tap the “Check In” button.

  1. If you don’t see your location here, click “Add [New Location]” and provide your business’ location info.
  2. Tap “Done” or “Create” and you should now find your business location in both Facebook and Instagram.

We hope these tips on promoting your restaurant with Instagram have been helpful. If you have been looking for an online ordering app or switching from you current online ordering company because they charge too much, keep in mind that Takeout Rocket provides free social media marketing, push notifications via text messaging, online discount and coupon features, as well as promotional materials in its Standard and Premium Plans. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.